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If a client is contemplating filing for divorce or seeking to establish paternity of a minor child, it is critical that they consult with their attorney as soon as possible. With family law clients, I will sometimes advise them to move quickly in filing their lawsuit. In other cases, I will tell a client that he or she needs to wait for a certain period of time. However, it is important to get that legal advice early on so that appropriate decisions can be made. I have encountered many situations where a client will come to me for a divorce only to find out that the marriage has been broken for many years. Waiting to take action may often times result in the client losing substantial sums of money that they would have saved had they acted earlier. Many people earn pension benefits and 401(k) retirement accounts during the marriage. Waiting years to file a divorce action may result in the spouse receiving a significant share of the client's pension and retirement benefits. I strongly recommend that clients consult with me early on, and avoid the pitfalls of waiting too long.

I work with one of the best private investigation firms in Jacksonville. They are a tremendous asset to my practice. I have worked closely with these investigators in cases involving situations where the opposing party is engaging in inappropriate behavior, such as having extra marital affairs or abusing controlled substances and alcohol. It is critical that we gather this evidence prior to a lawsuit being filed. At times, up front work by a private investigator can result in our clients receiving much better results than otherwise would have been anticipated.

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